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My attempts at heavy makeup didn’t go very well. In the future I think I’ll stick to my beige eyeshadows and red lipsticks!

But I do like these photos as a whole! I think the crown and bodice suit each other nicely. 

I have a blog post tutorial of sorts on how I made the crown, and a video that shows me making it! I also have a blog post about the bodice. 


A film by Arthur Penn
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Producer: Tatira Hiller, Warner Bros, Warren Beaty
Screenplay: David Newman, Robert Benton
Cinematography: Burnett Guffey

"They’re young, they’re in love and they kill people." was the effective publicity line of this most stylish and uncompromising of gangster pictures based on a true story. In this film, the bank robbers are portrayed as heroic and romantic-star-crosses-lovers caught up in a whirl of violence and passion, meticulously evoked by posed photographes in sepia. The black comedy moves inevitably toward the much imitated ending in slow motion-the pair die in a hail of bullets.

(via vintagegal)


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